Folk Music and the Connection to the Culture of Countries

Folk Music and the Connection to the Culture of Countries

Many people nowadays stopped listening to folk music. May I ask the reason why? Well, there are several reasons behind this. First of all, folk songs are not as popular as they were decades ago. Moreover, people now interested in songs that are more entertaining with a good music video, that’s might be the reason of the loss in media promoting for folk music. Last but not least, parents, as well as school, don’t have the proper education such as making suitable music trips for students to know more about this type of traditional music.

That’s the main reason why this article is written – to give children a better look at this type of music that they might not know yet. This can be a good way to educate our kids about their ancestors’ arts as well as protect them from disappearing someday. Keeping the knowledge about folk songs is keeping the life of our culture.

Folk music

What Is Folk Music?

Honestly, this is both a difficult and an easy question. We can listen to folk music anywhere, anytime. That’s why we can define this type of music as the community art created for the entertaining purpose of normal people. However, this might be just an overview about this type of music. We need more details to know exactly what folk music is.

Basically, we can divide folk music into 2 main types:

  • The first type of folk music can be seen as the old one because of many reasons. Firstly, we can see that they are songs which are very old and people can’t find out who are the real composers of them. Normally, people just learn and sing these songs by heart and they belong to everyone. No one claims the belongings of these pieces of music, therefore, they belong to the whole culture and reflect the characteristics of people in the community. A typical example of this folk song type is the nursery rhythm. You can hear these rhythms anywhere and no one knows who created them. These songs are passed from a person to his or her children and so on, that’s why they live with the time.
  • The another type of folk song is the pieces of music that are written based on the sounds and the melodies similar to the first type. They sound like folk music but they are considered as an official genre. However, they are the credits of composers with names and year of production. Basically, folk songs written by composers can’t be widely spread like traditional songs. But they still have some certain effects to people who love this genre. That’s why these songs have many versions based on the players and the singers. It is for everyone to sing!

How Can I Enjoy Folk Music?

You can see that this type of music goes along side with the culture of every country, that’s why it represents the characteristics as well as the nature and human condition of a location. Folk music is one of the most interesting and fun types of music because anyone can know about it and sing folk songs with enjoyment.

Enjoy folk music

Every country has its own traditional music. Besides, each region in the country also has its own type of folk music. Therefore, when setting foot to a new place, eating local food and listening to a folk song are the fastest and happiest ways to fit in the life of local people there. You can’t know the things people think and how people of a new place say or do to you unless you know a part of their culture.

In fact, if you are a big fan of music, it is such a good way to make friends with people who share the same passion, and folk songs are written to serve that purpose! There is no another type of art can do better than folk song and folk dance.

There are countless types of traditional music for you to discover. If you want to know a considerate part of it, I’m afraid you might have to spend your whole life. In fact, there is some similarities between folk music of countries that share the same cultural zones.

Similarities of Folk Songs

As I’ve said, though there are so many differences between traditional songs in the country, there is still some similarity that you can find out when listening to them. Here are some obvious common features for you:

New Mexico folk performance

  • Simple music with easy – to – sing People can learn by heart the lyrics as well as the rhythm right after several times singing along the songs. It is also an advantage of folk songs in comparison with other types of music such as rock or pop. However, that’s also the reason why the lyrics are unstable sometimes.
  • There aren’t many musicians playing in folk music. It requires fewer musical instruments. Normally, a folk song just needs 1 to 2 instruments since the music is quite simple.
  • Unusual instruments are often used because, in some situations, official musical instruments have to be replaced with simple and handmade ones.
  • Folk music is a type of street performance. Folk songs are played almost everywhere in any occasions. They can be songs for festivals, fairs, or songs on special occasions such as funerals or weddings. Anyone can watch and sing along without having troubles learning and remembering the lyrics.

So you’ve known some basic information about folk music and how to identify those songs. Sometimes folk music is seen mixing with other types of music such as classical, rock or Irish music. You can see some of them quite hard to distinguish, but don’t worry about them, just enjoy the music and you will definitely know all about it. In addition to this article, you can look for some lists of folk song to listen to them and see the beauty of the countries inside those songs. Have fun with folk music!

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