Most Special and Weird Musical Instruments That You Might Not Know

Most Special and Weird Musical Instruments That You Might Not Know

Traditional music has always been one of the most spectacular and mystical fields of music that you haven’t known quite much yet. That’s why people often lack information about many interesting things that our ancestors invented used centuries ago as musical instruments. Some of them are used till today but others can’t be seen anymore. In this post, I will introduce to you some of the most special musical instruments that you never imagine before. Get ready to see 3 head guitars, an organ made from bowls and glasses or even instruments played by solar energy or high voltage electricity! You won’t believe your eyes after seeing them.

Imagine Musical Instrument in The World

  1. Pikasso Guitar

This is a really weird kind of guitar which is invented by a designer whose name is Linda Manzer. It is called Pikasso because of its similarity to a painting of the 20th century famous artist – Pablo Picasso. This musical instrument is called the combination of a harp and a guitar because of many reasons about its shapes and structures. You might never see anything like this, but it can play well, actually.

Pikasso Guitar

Pikasso Guitar is designed with the shape of a harp with 4 necks, 2 sound holes. Especially, the number of the string is quite amazing – 42 strings in a musical instrument. This unique guitar can play and actually, it is specially designed for a well – known guitarist. His name is Pat Metheny.

  1. Nyckelharpa

This is actually a type of traditional musical instrument that was played very long time ago. It comes from Sweden with a very long history. Nyckelharpa is one of the oldest musical instrument that exist today not only in Sweden but also all over the world. The age of this instrument can’t be counted easily, it is around 600 years old now.

In Sweden, people call it Nyckelharpa because “nickel” means pegs and “harpa” refers to strings and chords. Normally, a Nyckelharpa has 16 strings with 37 wooden tuning pegs which are set up under the strings. That’s the reason why we can see the structure of this instrument is very complicated as well as the way we play it.

  1. Glass Armonica

Glass Harmonica is one of the best spiritual children of inventor Benjamin Franklin (one of the best inventors of the USA – who contributed his mind and talent in various fields).

This musical instrument is formed by putting several glass bowls and glasses with different sizes on an axle. When the instrument is spun, it will emote the sounds when the musician gently touches and glides on the edge of the bowls and glasses with wet fingers. The first Glass Armonica was introduced in 1762.

  1. Zeusaphone

This type of musical instrument is also known as the music of science or “Singing Tesla Coils” or “Theremin”. It is considered one of the most amazing and terrifying instrument invented in 2007.

It produces sounds through Tesla coils with high voltage electricity. Nowadays, this spectacular musical instrument is displayed in economical fairs, museums, some big stages or even some haunted houses.


  1. Branching Corrugahorn

The father of this interesting musical instrument is Mr. Bart Hopkin. This thing is made from flexible spring tubes (which is often found in hospitals or factories) with different lengths attached to a small part as the main joint and a blow tube on top of it.

To use this horn, first of all, the player has to put the mouth on top of it and use the fingers to block the holes under the springs. Once blowing, the play should gently release the holes so as to form funny sounds.

  1. Hydraulophone

Basically, Hydraulophone is an organ, but it is specialized in producing water sounds with many types of liquid. The first one who creates and plays this type of musical instrument is Steve Mann. Hydraulophone has many holes, and when the water is blocked, it produces the sounds.

  1. Singing Ringing Tree

At first sight, not many people can think this is a musical instrument. “Singing Ringing Tree” is the name of an instrument with the shape of a 3 – meter – high tree. It is made by many steel tubes with various lengths. This musical instrument is played not by human but the wind. When the wind blows through the tubes, the sounds will be produced with different tones. This is the masterpiece from 2 architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu. Singing Ringing Tree was made in 2006 in Pennine Hills, north England.

  1. Theremin

The theremin is a type of musical instrument which was invented by a Russian inventor named Leon Theremin in 1920. It has another name which is Aetherphone. Controlling this instrument is quite different from others because of its working method. You don’t need to touch it when playing, it means that there is not direct contact when using this musical instrument.


A Theremin has 2 radio frequent machines and 2 metal antennas. The digital signals are sent to the speakers, that’s why the player doesn’t have to touch the instrument when playing.


There are so many musical instruments in the world that you’ve never seen before. They represent the magical and colorful world of music from the beginning till today. That’s the reason why we should dig deeper into the culture of countries through traditional music and preserve this beauty as one of the richest treasure of our generation. Traditional music might sound quite difficult to understand because of the generation gaps, but if you are a person who loves this kind of music, this wouldn’t be a challenge for you to keep loving it.


In fact, there are many associations and groups that are dong the work in keeping and developing ancient arts to the world of young people. They might be the first steps but at least they showed us the spirit and the love to our national treasures. In the next post, I will show you more about traditional songs as well as how they make first musical instruments.

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