Things You Should Know To Buy A Good Turntable

Things You Should Know To Buy A Good Turntable

According to the sales number and other reviews of specialists, people are now becoming more and more passionate about vinyl records. The numbers never lie since the record sales have grown by more than 52%, and it’s very remarkable comparing to other types of music format. In addition, vinyl record players and turntables are finding back their own positions. Buying a turntable is not difficult since there are so many types with a variety of shape, size, and function for you to select. However, choosing the best turntables is a whole different story. You have to know some certain functions and the basic knowledge about this device to at least avoid the attractions from ads.

In this article, I will introduce to you some vital things you should aware of when choosing a turntable. It can be used as a music player device in your living room or music room or being used as a DJ turntable. They all have some common features yet differences. That’s the reason why you have to select carefully and put these things into estimation more than twice before investing your money in any models.


Don’t Ask For Too Much Without Money

It would be quite easy for you to search for an old style vinyl turntable if you want a surprise present for you family who already has a vinyl record collection for a very long time. The built – in sound system seems pretty good though it might not be the best you can get. However, if you really want anything more than that in both sound quality and appearance, there’s no doubt that you have to spend more money on your products. The players can’t be powerful enough to meet the requirements of today’s new types of record.

It’s the reason why the budget for your record player must be more than you can estimate. Getting to the high – end class, you will have to spend more money not only on the turntable but also the additional devices coming along with it. When mentioning about those devices, I mean the tone arms, platters and speakers.

To be honest, you should take a good look at your budget before going to the store so you can end up with the right product range and don’t have to waste too much time and money.

Which Type Should You Buy

There are currently 2 main types of the turntable for family usage: manual and automatic. Sometimes you can find some kinds of semi – automatic turntable as well.

Manual turntable

Selecting which kind of turntable depends heavily on your habit. Basically, these types are quite similar to each other in components but they are different from each other in the way the needle is used. For more detail, you can see the method used to play the record and the way the needle was put in and remove each time the record was played or changed. With automatic turntables, all the processes can be done with a button while in a manual turntable; you have to do anything by hand. Semi – automatic model requires you to put the needle on the record and lift it off for you at the end of the track.

However, if you don’t have skills, the needle might leave some scratches on the surface of your records while changing. That’s the reason why you should put this into consideration though most high – end models are manual since they are often made by a special artist with outstanding techniques, and these specialists don’t like developments that can harm the quality of their devices.

Rotation Speed And Things You Should Know

Being a turntable user, there is some knowledge not only about the device but also about records that you should know well. One of them is the spinning speed. Today’s records are often played in two general speeds which are measured in RPM. RPM stands for revolutions per minute. Records played at 45 RPM are called Singles and they are designed in seven – inch records while the 12 – inch records are designed as Albums or LPs and can be played at 33 RPM.

Rotation speeds

Sometimes in old vinyl records, you can see the third playing speed which is recorded at 78 RPM. You can’t play them with your normal stylus and have to change it to adapt to the surface of the record. But these records are quite old and rarely seen nowadays. You don’t have to worry much about them, all you need to do is select a good turntable that can cope with both 33 RPM and 45 RPM.

Luckily, turntables models can play both of them, but some are good at playing 33 RPM records than 45 RPM records and others prefer records at 45 RPM. Don’t forget to test the product’s performance in both types of record and see which one is more suitable for you. There are many online sites and smartphone apps can check this problem for you.

The Ability Of Digitization

With the development of modern technology, people are listening to music anytime, anywhere. However, bringing a vinyl along all day is quite risky since you can scratch and do other unwanted physical damages to it. Moreover, no one wants to play a vinyl record just because of a single song. That’s the reason why the digitizer function is developed in the modern turntable to help owners convert the records to digital formats. It requires USB port and other devices.

If you are the one who really loves music and want to use more than just a turntable, this is the right option you should put into estimation from the beginning. In addition, choosing a turntable is not only for music listening purposes but also other intentions including music conversion. The vinyl collection will be converted easily with the help of a modern and precise turntable, that mean you will never have to be afraid of song losing because of the decrease in quality of vinyl records through time.

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