Three Basic Elements of Traditional Music to Know

Three Basic Elements of Traditional Music to Know

A genre of traditional music

I love the traditional music. I can wear the best wireless earbuds and enjoy the traditional songs in the continuous hours. Normally, the traditional music is suitable for all ages in the society. Moreover, the traditional songs often transmit orally from generation to generation. It means that it does not have any non- stops or is forgotten. Do you know the reason why the traditional music has this special thing? Perhaps, this is its characteristics. The most important things are three basic elements of the traditional music. They are the rhythm, melody, and harmony. They will contribute too much to create the great traditional music which we can hear. The combination of three- notes chords are called triads. In a traditional song, there are three or more tones. All of them will form a chord. A good chord or a bad chord will depend on this chord a lot. To know more information about this, you can refer to the following article. I think it is also a wonderful thing to explore about music.

What Is The Traditional Music?

The music has a lot of different genres. Some typical types are classical music, folk music, traditional music, and rock music. Why does it have the distinction? Surely, each type contains the specific properties. Thus, before you want to know the basic elements of any genre. You should understand its definition. In this writing, we are discussing the traditional music. So I will give some definitions of the traditional music as follows:

  • The traditional music is the songs which they are performed by the custom in a long time of the several generations. They are often the folk songs containing the contents which are very closely with the human life;
  • The traditional music is always to use a lot of contexts. It will have the various meaning with the different people. Thus, it is difficult to give the certain definition.
  • The traditional music is a genre of the music. It provides the foundations for the several other types of the music. The traditional music is the music collection of many countries. Also, it includes the different cultures on over the world.

Through three typical definitions above, we can not know the most reasonable definition of the traditional music. Each country will give a definition which it relates to the traditional music in their country. Depending on the opinion of each person, he can understand the traditional music as his way. When we combine all different definitions, we will find out many similarities. They are custom, culture, and some things around the human life.

Three Basic Elements of Traditional Music

Some elements of traditional music

As I just mention above, it needs to have three factors to create a chord in the traditional music. To form a great chord, you should know the information of each factor. However, you should also understand the general structure of essential chord. Of course, I will mention all things below:

1. Structure of The Basic Chord

The name of the chord can divide into two parts. They are the root and the suffix of the chord. In fact, there are the plenty of the chords such as major, minor, seventh…

  • With the root of the chord, it will describe what note is established. From there, it will provide the chromatic scales. They include natural, flat, or sharp. You can adjust again if it is necessary;
  • With the suffix of the chord, it will inform the quality of the chord. Besides, you also know the chord type. In the case, a chord does not have the suffix part. It is considered as a major triad.

2. Rhythm

Rhythm is the sound in music and it must follow the timed sequence. On the other hands, the rhythm is also a part of the note in a piece. In the traditional song, there are a lot of notes. You will combine them together with the rhythm. At that time, you need to unify a regular rhythm for a traditional song.

3. Melody

The various single pitches in a sequence will create the melody. In the traditional music, all of the melodies must base on the skipping motion through the chords. Also, it depends on the step-wise motion through the scales. It is better to combine two methods each other.

4. Harmony

Combining many pitches at once

Harmony will create when there are a lot of pitchers happening at once. Thus, the listeners can feel the harmonic rhythm in the traditional songs. The composers can change the harmony element easily. The songwriters can change the chord. They will make the long change between the chords. Surely, you will have a new thing in harmony element for your traditional song. In addition, the harmony is considered the essential part to have the great sounds.

In the music, most of the listeners will hear the songs which they are made up of all notes. And the melody is a part of the songs which the people will remember to sing. The melody will come to the rhythm. Two elements are very important to create the great harmony of the songs. In the traditional music, three factors are the basic elements to make the sounds.

In summary, you enjoy a lot of the traditional songs in your life. You just feel the melody from them. You think that this is the most important factor. But it is wrong. According to the traditional music experts, they analyzed three elements. They include rhythm, melody, and harmony. All of them will create an essential contribution to the traditional music. Without one of three factors, it can not form the wonderful sounds. You are the people who begin composing the traditional music. You must keep in your mind these three elements which I just introduce in this article. I believe that this information is a very useful knowledge to know about the traditional music.

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