#1 Wireless TV Headphones that I Like

For me, wireless TV headphones are a must-have.

I mean, don’t you hate it when you have just settled down to watch your favorite TV wireless TV Headphonesprogram, when your wife tells you to turn the volume down.

Or the next-door neighbour decides to mow his lawn in the middle of Super Bowl.

And if you’re a shift-worker, sometimes you feel bad watching TV when everyone else in the house is asleep, and you don’t want the volume of the TV to disturb them.

Thankfully, wireless audio technology has come a long way in a reasonably short time. And for a relatively small investment, you can enjoy a crystal-clear, digital quality sound experience without interruption (or interrupting others).

Shapes & Size

Wireless TV headphones come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which can make choosing the set that is right for you a daunting process. Ultimately, the set of headphones you choose will invariably come down to your personal preferences and budget.

So it with this in mind, I have started this blog to bring together the latest information on wireless TV headphones, to assist you in making an informed decision that will hopefully lead to an enjoyable experience.

In my research to date, there is one set of wireless TV headphones that stand apart from Sennheiser RS120 926 MHzthe rest – the Sennheiser RS120 926 MHz Wireless RF Headphones with Charging Cradle.

The entire system weighs just over eight ounces and comes with three connection adaptors meaning you can use them with almost any device.

My Choice

The Sennheiser RS-120 wireless headphones are powered by NiMH batteries, which are recharged by simply placing the headphones in their custom-made cradle – and you should get at least 10 hours of listening pleasure without needing to recharge them.

Sennheiser claims that the RS-120 have a range of 300 feet, so you could probably even use these when you’re mowing YOUR lawn.

Has anyone tried these wireless TV headphones? I’d love to hear your thoughts.…

Recommended – #1 Wireless Gaming Headsets

To get the ultimate enjoyment from your gaming experience, sooner or later you’re going to need a wireless gaming headset.


wireless gaming headset

Why Wireless?

Why wireless you ask? Well, the major benefit of course is that you don’t need to worry about getting tangled up in cords. And if you’re using a gaming console such as an Xbox or PS3 combined with a big-screen TV, you’ll usually want to sit some distance from the screen, which is where wireless headsets come in very handy.

Both wired and wireless gaming headsets can be connected to your console, PC or Mac typically via one of two ways – either through a USB port or the headphone/and or microphone dedicated port. And preferably, you’ll want a set of gaming headphones that come with a mic, so you can communicate with your team-mates in online games (or taunt your opposition).

On the flip-side, the quality of many wireless gaming headsets has been average to say the least. The sound quality just hasn’t seemed to measure up to the wired counterparts. Major improvements have been made in recent times though.

Logitech G930

Logitech G930

One of these improved sets is the Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset. This set can be used wired or wireless, offers simulated Dolby 7.1 surround sound and also a noise cancelling microphone.

From all accounts there is no noticeable difference in sound quality when switching between wired and wireless mode. However, the headset is rather on the heavy side, so could become uncomfortable after wearing them for a hour or so.

The volume can be adjusted via a good-sized rolling button on the exterior of one the cans. There are also three user-programmable buttons that allow you to add extra functionality.

Thanks to dual receivers in the headset, the likelihood of losing the sound connection is greatly reduced.

Logitech say the range of the G930 is up to 12 metres, or approximately 40 feet, which is more than adequate for gaming use.

The battery life is around ten hours from full charge, and to get that full charge you’ll need to plug the cans in for about two and a half hours. With this range and battery life, you’ll be able to use this wireless gaming headset for other purposes as well, i.e. watching TV or listening to music.…

RCA Wireless Headphones – That’s why I love them :)

What are RCA wireless headphones, and are they any good?

RCA is pretty much the standard for audio and video connections, and I would be surprised if any new audio or video product (except some portable devices) did not have RCA connectivity.

RCA Wireless Headphones

The RCA acronym comes from the Radio Corporation of America, which adopted this connection method as its standard, and this convention has typically been applied world-wide. The Radio Corporation of America is also a maker of wireless headphones. For the purpose of this article, I’m referring to the RCA standard, not the company.

What this means is that a set of RCA wireless headphones are ready to go with any audio device that has an RCA output. As the saying goes, Plug and Play!

RCA connectors generally bear a universal color-coding for ease of use, with yellow for video, white for left audio and red for the right audio.

Obviously if you’re looking to buy RCA wireless headphones, you will first check that your TV, PC or whatever other device you intend to use with them with supports RCA.

RCA connections look like this:

RCA Connections

RCA wireless headphones have two main components, the base, and the headphones:

RCA wireless headphones base:

The base connects to the audio output on your TV, and normally acts as a charger/cradle for the headphones as well.

The base unit also transmits the audio signal to your headphones. Depending on the type of headphones you have (i.e. IR or wireless), the signal can be picked up from any room in your house – or even in your neighbor’s yard!

RCA Wireless Headphones:

Most wireless headphones are circumaural, which means they cover the ear entirely.

The sound quality of wireless headphones is improving all the time, and I really can’t discern any difference between the corded and wireless headphones I currently use.

Leading RCA Wireless Headphones Brands:

As they saying goes, you get what you pay for. I would recommend that you go for a name-brand set of wireless headphones, as opposed to a nameless brand.

You want these headphones to last, and if they’re faulty, you can have confidence that a reputable company will replace or repair them.…