Three Ways to Get Free Credit Reports

When it comes to free credit reports there are plenty of offers. The election of a legitimate way to get free credit reports is an important part of the knowledge of your credit situation to pay without a lot of money to check with credit bureaus about your credit rating. There are three common and easy ways to access free credit reports. The first of these to see if you qualify for a free annual credit report through the government.

The law allows U.S. consumers to one free credit report each year. If requested, the credit agency you have a credit report and can not deny, for any reason. The only way to not get free credit reports quickly is that this provision, if you do not want to answer the questions of security that you are obliged to answer. These questions are designed to see what you know about the information on your credit report and information you should know. To use this option, you must go to and request your free credit report. Your request can be made only from the website, by phone or by mail. You can not use this credit report directly from a credit reporting agency.

Second, you can be a free credit report that you are denied credit. To find a lender you turned a free copy of your credit report allowed by law. Once you are denied a loan, you will write a letter to the reasons for such denial and the name of the bureau, by which they got to get your credit report. At this point, you have 60 days to obtain a free credit report from the reporting agency or agencies that are listed in the denial letter. This will only allows you not to get a report from the agency and all three. But that’s a good way is to check your credit report without paying for it. Although a good idea, only that as a last resort, because you often want to have problems in your credit report before the credit is not after they have been rejected are to be found.

Finally, you can get free credit reports through a credit monitoring service is free of charge. These are the many advertisements bombarding you on the radio, television and the Internet. The free credit report is your gift for trying the company’s service. They often have 30 days to cancel your membership and not be called into account for a month. This is a good way to quickly see whether someone for credit in your name the application is to think you should, you are the victim of identity theft. However, it would be a good idea, this option only as a last resort because it can lead to much junk mail.

No matter who you use for your free credit reports is important that you have a hard copy of your credit report in a safe place. This way you always have a copy to the next time you refer a free credit report. Check your credit reports 1-4 times a year is the best way to protect your financial data.

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